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Sun Salutations!!!!  I am Scrybess (pronounced skri-biss) iiiYansaje T. muse (iya oyabumni funimole odujimi.)

 (I know, right?), i am an Oracle advisor, mystic journalist, poet, griot, and visual artist. i may not be the most orthodox card in the deck, but my manifesting prayer is that you will find  inspiration, peace, mystic humor, growth, universal love,  and divine rainbow vibratons Behind the panels of the wall below.  This websight ;) is also  the home of iiisangoma ,the POETICALLY MUSED mystic arts journal, iiiyansa's Gourd, my infinite wine art collection,  the windsong kraal of oracles, a journey of spiritual teachings through the pages of my psychic diary, and your mystic haven on the airwaves, 222.9 the mothership!  my gratitudes for your visit today, and welcome again to my kraal of creative energies!

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wura to maa dan, a la ina koja.

a piece of gold that will shine must pass through fire.

                                                                                                          -yoruba proverb

each of these bottle art pAINTINGS are one-of-a-kind, filled with THE COLORS OF spiritual symbolism, and a piece of original literature from yours truly! SHOP IN MY BOTTLE ART KRAAL TODAY FOR THE PERFECT bottle PAINTING TO Bless your home, decorate it, and recycle out of love for our earth all at once!

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oju ti yoo rohn ogun o ni ku sogun.

a warrior who will tell war tales will not perish in battle.

                                                                                                              - yoruba proverb

poetry.  the first of many choices of creative expression that spent 20 years fermenting. rhyme is a second language used for my personal release as well as your enlightening and entertainment. as my thoughts form stanzas, and various styles of poetry, they are also your volumes to enjoy!

more about my poetry inside!

Iwa loba awure.

good character is superior to any good luck charm.

integrity leads to fortune.

                                                                          -Yoruba Proverb

mystic prophetess. dream oracle. ray of sun. divine messenger. universal love goddess (with a lowercase g i must emphasize) medicine woman. reader. seer. voice of guiding light at life's tough crossroads. psychic life coach. majic woman. divine sister/mother in spirit...whatever positive light your spirit identifies me as... i am she! i welcome you to enter the other side of my wall to subscribe to the spiritual teachings of my mystic diary, or to contact me for a private reading!

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bo pe bo ya, ogun odun nbo wa k'ola.

no matter how long, twenty years time will one day be referred to as "tomorrow."

                                                                                    -yoruba proverb

the isangoma quarterly is where all three aspects of my divine works combine. you will experience the windsong kraal of oracles, poetically mused, and iya muse's bottle art kraal in one volume!

divulge yourself in a world of poetry, articles, and many other faucets of esoteric wisdom in a full color spread with lots of artwork and imagery, released every turn of the season! collect them all!

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"ayanmo ni iwa pele, iwa pele ni ayanmo."

destiny is good character, good character is destiny.

                                                                                                                - yoruba proverb

Blessed sunrays and sacred moonbeams to you, and welcome to my galaxy of sound! it is my honor and privilege to bring to you the all new radio station, 222. 9 THE MOTHERSHIP, your mystic haven on the airwaves!

Indulge yourself into a mystic music world of timeless and indie tunes of many genres, meditations, garnished with original poetry, enriching talk, and wisdom to center and align your universe! Here you will find the ultimate jam session for the cosmos!

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